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READ THIS: If you're asking about you can't code, it is unfinished and not playable at the moment. same thing for error also hi guys i removed botplay!!!! haha get better bad players


also removed no hiding stuff hahah yes

Originally shared on October 17th or 16th.

WARNING: This mod contains flashes and jumpscares. Please disable them in settings if you are sensitive to them.

Controls: you already know poo poo brains

Yeah, just for fun, y'know.

#games >:)

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@ThatPizzaTowerFan charted Too Glitchy, and Sprites In The Night haha yes (from their ays lol) (INSERT NAME) charted You Cant Code songs by their original owners

I DIDNT MAKE THE SONGS, CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL PROJECTS HERE:hear me out againwant me to run that back?SPRITES IN THE NIGHT (Triple trouble scratch mix) \My rendition of endless scratch mixmilk - scratch mix (FNF) Sonic.EXE team,

 rest in peace snoc eggs e man :') @SquigglyTuff for the original game, check it out!Scratch's Smooth Saturday

(I copyied everything from the original project)

(go check out the original project)

SSS - VS ScratchX.rar 1.2 Update


SSS - VS ScratchX.rar 6 MB
SSS - VS ScratchX.rar 1.2 Update 111 MB

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Yes, but nobody ever put it on itch.io so.